Unitary enterprise "Grodno Departments of the BELTEPLOIZOLYATSIYA PLC", CO

Our company is a leading provider of Industrial Insulation services in Belarus.

The enterprise possesses scientific and technical documentation and normative documents, all the necessary vehicles and equipment for construction and installation jobs: lorries with sides and dumping trucks, autocranes and elevated work platforms, trailers and semitrailers, autohydraulic hoists, gantry cranes, tractors, forklift trucks, compressors, electric welding machines, scaffolds, etc.

The enterprise has rich experience in heat-insulation. We participated in the construction and reconstruction of many objects in Belarus, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Grodno Departments of the BELTEPLOIZOLYATSIYA PLC" participated in the construction of:

 - oil refineries in Novopolotsk and Mozyr, Belarus;

 - The AZOT Production Association, Grodno, Belarus;

 - cement and slate plants in Volkovysk, Belarus;

 - sugar mills in Gorodeia and Skidel, Belarus;

 - Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft in Kaliningrad Region, Russia;

 - GrodnoKHIMVOLOKNO Production Association, Belarus ( the project FA ZIMMER (Germany));

 - SIBUR-PETF, PLC, Tver, Russia
( the project FA ZIMMER (Germany)) ;

 - industrial boilers in Grodno, Belarus (
the projects ABB SUSA Inc. (USA) and BAFA);

 - enterprises in Klaipeda, Lithuania;

 - residential complex in Ross, Belarus (
the project ARGE BENOBA BAU (Germany));

 - Aerated Concrete plant in Sertolovo, Russia (
the project РСЕ (Finland));

 - vegetable storage facilities in Zvenigirod, Russia;

 - cheese-making plant in Novogrudok, Belarus;

 - woodworking enterprise in Mosty and Borisov, Belarus;

 - and many other objects.

The photos of some of our completed projects can be found here.

Our services

  Heat insulation works (
eat-insulation constructions of equipment and pipelines, processing stations and power systems, cooling installations, heating networks and industrial furnaces, acoustic isolation of pipelines and equipment of vent systems, air-conditioning systems and gasdynamic plants, thermal shielding of outside walls of buildings and constructions, brickwork and lining at boiler and energotechnological plants );



  Protection of structural units against corrosion;

  Installation of ventilated facades;

  Fire safety of constructions;

  Production of thermal insulation materials and structures;

  Manufacture of products and designs of fine-leaved galvanized steel and aluminum.


For any questions or remarks please contact us :

By email: info@grodnoteploizol.com

By phone: +375 152 430948

Director  Anatoly Kukla

Unitary enterprise "Grodno Departments of the BELTEPLOIZOLYATSIYA"

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230015 Grodno, Belarus

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